Our Solutions

If you can think of it, we can program it!

Global Panel Research Solutions has a highly skilled and experienced survey programming team which supports the complex and multi-lingual requirements of the client. Experienced project managers advise on survey design to enhance the completion rate and our quality assurance team debugs the study before you review it. At GPRS, we understand better that good programming does more than ask question; it accomplishes your research objective in most efficient, engaging manner possible.

Any device, any type of questions, any length, we believe in providing flexible and convenient output.

We use an array of languages like ConfirmIt, Quantum, Qualtrics, or Dimensions based or SAS tools on your preferences. For rich survey design or programmers employ HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and ASP. Together, with the blend of technology and MR specific programming languages

Key Programming Features

  • Password protected secure access
  • Unique Ids for tracking
  • Open and close-ended coding and validations implementation
  • Skip patterns & Piping logics
  • Blocked & randomization patterns
  • Single /Multi-Select pattern
  • Tables/ grid patterns
  • Scaling pattern
  • Ranking or rating pattern
  • Fixed Sum questions
  • Audio/Video Questions
  • Horizontal/Vertical Sliders
Estimate YOUR BUSINESS AND ELIMINATE your expenses

GPRS considers project management as key of any success and hence offers an integrated, collaborative project management facility and regulatory environment that provides a complete end-to-end project management coordination and control capability that is well connected with both upstream and downstream project processes. Our value proposition is based on the extensive use of various tools & methodologies, by highly experienced Project Managers to meet client’s expectations in terms of on time delivery, scope and quality starting from survey scripting and data analytics, to reporting and visualization.

We understand your business and hence plan together a solution based on defined deliverables (fixed price) or effort (time and resources). Our project managers believe in thorough research and careful planning to derive success with reliability, accountability, and timely services optimized to delight our clients. Our End to End Solution Delivery model is made up of excellence, logic, and experience and in-depth business analysis.

GPRS believe in transparency and visibility through the process, discipline and leadership in the engagement and execution of any project to ensure initiatives are completed within budget, scope, and schedule.

We understand sample rather just delivering the sample…

GPRS believe that gathering relevant, honest, insightful and thoughtful consumer opinion is the top priority. To collect and gather insightful, qualitative and valuable consumer opinions, GPRS has built well-diversified and effective online panels spanning across the globe in more than 41+ countries. Being a technology-driven market research sample provider, we don’t just deliver sample, we understand sample and use this knowledge to ensure our clients receive the highest quality research from highly engaged panelists.

We have divided our panels into two categories:

  • Consumer panels (B2C)
  • Business panels (B2B)

Consumer panels contains general or specialized category, for example, students, children, working women & housewives, businessman, social worker, mobile users, gamer, motorist and so on.

Business panels are distributed by their verticals, designation, age, qualification, level of responsibility and the degree of influence of their participants on the major decisions taken for their organization.

We just don’t deliver data; we provide meaningful information…

GPRS is one of the top leader’s providing outsourcing solutions for transforming raw data into meaningful output. Our team have enriched experience in market research techniques used for handling data processing and tabulation for clients across the globe, giving you critical insights that help you to take prompt decisions.

We offer greatly reduced turnaround times leveraging experience professionals around the globe. Our Data Processing team carefully reviews, prepares, and delivers your data with accuracy and precision. We offer services including:

Data Cleansing: Detection and removal of data not meeting quality standards.

Verbatim Coding: In-language or back-translated.

Analysis: Data that’s adjusted to represent a specific population.

Data weighting: TURF Analysis, MaxDiff Analysis, Perceptual Mapping.


Services offered by a company that has over the years earned a reputation as the industry’s most experienced service provider, offering accurate data processing services to Market Research companies. Outsourcing Charting & Tabulation to GPRS helps clients apply advanced statistical tools and techniques to extract superior market insights.

We are specifically adept in Banner tables, Rapid results, Tabulation, Charting, Indexing & Cataloging and graphical presentation of tables. Moreover, we are equipped with a specialized team in building macros helps to fasten-up the charting process.

Tools & Technology:

  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Quantum
  • Win Cross
  • Dimensions 5.5
  • Qualtrics
  • MS ASP based custom built surveys
  • Confirm IT up to v16.x
  • Sawtooth
  • Excel, Access and MS SQL, etc.

At GPRS, our goal is to provide you with customized-solutions and well-structured market data and information. Our company has been responsible for many market entrance and research projects from product segments as well as manpower outsourcing solutions. Whether researching new opportunities, or analyzing potential partners and acquisition targets, our solutions can help you gain speed, efficiency and insight to drive your company’s growth strategy.

Our prime purpose of existence is to serve our clients with the best solutions and resources as per their requirement to ensure high quality services. We provide experienced and expert language resources for translation or CATI projects.


GPRS understands the need of a professional translator to convert written text from one language to another as it is both an art and a science which requires a subject matter expert. Our translation proofreading service offers peace of mind that your website, publication or marketing material is linguistically flawless. With the help of cutting-edge language technology tools, the GPRS translation team will make sure you succeed. Our subject areas of expertise covered from financial, technical, scientific and legal translation to advertising, pharmaceutical and automotive translation.

Our professional translators are all native speakers of the languages into which they translate.

That’s our guarantee. The subject areas of expertise covered from financial, technical, scientific and legal translation to advertising, pharmaceutical and automotive translation.

At GPRS, perfection is paramount and of course none of our jobs leave the office without going through a rigorous proofreading process.

GPRS ensure that any translation proofreading work is as fluent to read in another language as it is in its native tongue.

We highly recommend proofreading for the following types of documents:

  • Marketing materials
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Publications
  • Printed documents