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B2B/Consumer Panel

We provide access to fast and easy gateway for data collection projects in more than 31+ countries built by well-diversified and effective online panels spanning across the globe.

We have divided our panels into two categories:

  • Consumer panels (B2C)
  • Business panels (B2B)

Consumer panel: With the concept of panel bending, we have the ability to provide national representative sample, as well as low incidence respondents across 31+ countries. We are confident in meeting our deadline with efficient utilization of multiple resources, and our prime focus is always the sample quality with the application of best technology in online sample sphere.

B2B panel: With GPRS you have the access of a million global B2B panelists. Whether you’re looking to conduct B2B research on IT professionals, marketing professionals, C-level executives, software developers, or business owners, we’ll provide you with the expertise you need to source these hard to reach populations.